Whaz' Happening!!

By Reve' Gipson

As the holidays approach the Maze Family would like to wish each of you a very healthy and happy season.

We mentioned in our last column that Beyonce and Jay-Z bought a home recently in Bel Air, California for $88 million dollars. We neglected to mention, that they also purchased a home in the Hampton Estates for $26 million.

Did you know-
It was reported recently in Globe magazine that rapper Jay-Z has a soft spot for his mother, Gloria Carter and wrote the song on his current CD, "Smile" about her. The article states that while raising four sons, she hid her taste for women, but finally told Jay-Z years later. Jay-Z convinced his mom to record a poem about her secret life at the end of the song and she did.

Coldplay Drew 110,000 people recently at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Arranger, songwriter, producer and vocalist Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is producing Johnny Mathis' next CD.

Five-time Grammy winner Bruno Mars has established a scholarship fund for the Grammy Museum's Grammy Camp. The scholarship will cover tuition, housing, and transportation for one qualified high school student... wow!! Bruno is definitely giving back!!

Singer Katy Perry got $25 million dollars to be a judge on this season's American Idol. Lionel Richie got $10 million.

Congratulations to well-known DJ Donnie Simpson for 40 years in the radio industry.

Grammy-winning singer Adele has been offered $26 million dollars for a year-long residency in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel. The bosses at the mega resort hotel are reportedly so keen to sign the star up that they have offered her $500,000 per show.

Until next time - "Retirement is when you stop living at work- and start working at living... - Unknown

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- Maya Angelou

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