Lady Of Magic

Frankie Beverly: Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mckinley Williams: Vocals, Perc.
Roame Lowry: Vocals, Congas
Sam Porter: Keyboards
Robin Duhe: Bass Guitar
Wayne Thomas: Lead Guitar
Joe Provost: Drums

Producer: Frankie Beverly
Engineers: John Knowland
David Cole, Lesle Ann Jones

She came along when I was down
Though thick and thin she's been around
And ooh I'm really glad I found
My lady my lady of magic she's so good

When ever I need her she's there
It dosn't matter when or where
She always shows me that she cares
My lady my lady of magic she's so good

There ain't a thing ooh that she can't do
Boy she's proved it time and time before
I think she's special in so many many many ways
I'll be her friend forever more

She always knows when somethings wrong
Her smile just helps me move along
To her I dedicate this song
To my lady my lady of magic she's so good

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