Don't Wanna Lose Your Love

Frankie Beverly: Lead Vocals
Mckinley Williams: Vocals, Perc.
Roame Lowry: Vocals, Congas
William Bryant, Phillip Woo: Keyboards
Robin Duhe: Bass Guitar
Ron Smith: Lead Guitar
Sonny Emory: Drums

Producer: Frankie Beverly
Engineer: John Knowland
Recorded at Amazement Studios
San Francisco, Ca.

If Iíve hurt you pretty baby
Thatís gonna drive me crazy
I donít want to lose your love
I've been cruel sometimes
Can you forgive this heart of mine
I don't want to lose your love

I hope you do believe me
I hope you know the way I feel
I would be no good if you should go
I know Iíve been a fool baby
And I apologize for it
Iíll do anything to let you know
No matter what I do
Iím gonna make it up to you
Cause I need your love

From the start Iíve love you
You are my life my dream come true
I donít want to lose your love
Your my heat when Iím cold
I love you with all my heart and soul
I donít want to lose your love

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