All Night Long

Frankie Beverly: Lead Vocals
Mckinley Williams: Vocals, Perc.
Roame Lowry: Vocals, Congas
William Bryant, Phillip Woo: Keyboards
Robin Duhe: Bass Guitar
Ron Smith: Lead Guitar
Mike White: Drums

Producer: Frankie Beverly
Engineer: John Knowland
Recorded at Amazement Studios
San Francisco, Ca.

Can you dig it are you listenin
People want to know whatís going on
Itís ashame what weíre doing
Brothers why canít we get along
This ainít some game weíre playing
We got people scared to even waik the streets
It ainít right and you know it
You never know just who your gonna meet

If weíre to changs this maddness
We are gonna have to take a stand
We can make it better
No one else will do itís up to me and you
We got to try to keep it strong
If it take us

All night long
All night long
All night long
All night long

My brothers and my sisters
We have got to find a better way
To much hate in the mix yíall
We just canít take it much longer
Tearing down our own community
We gotta stop change direction
Find our way back to the family

We gotta teach eachother
If you think you know a thing or two
We can make it better
Do it for yourself do for someone else
We got to try to make it strong
If it takes us

All night long
All night long
All night long
All night long

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